Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Yes! It is possible to make the perfect scrambled eggs…. and NO you do not add milk to them!

This is my method, echoing one infamous Gordon Ramsay… because ffs this is one of the staples of cooking, and you gotta get that stuff right.

For two people: my preference is for six (free range & organic) eggs
Crack these into a pot – add a knob of butter (and nothing else! No seasoning yet)
Put this on the heat and slowly stir…. You’re not whisking, just barely blending…
If they are cooking too fast – take them off as you potter about making the other parts of brunch…
Once they are cooked through, remove from the heat… it will keep cooking but you want it well before the point of drying out…
Then add a tablespoon of creme friaché (sour cream works just as well, but you can’t say it manically in the voice of Randy from SouthPark) stir/ fold into the eggs – don’t whisk!
From there you add your sea salt, cracked pepper, and thinly cut parsley or chives… and it’s ready.

This makes the most thick, creamy amazing scrambled eggs – you have to cut it with your knife. So good.

I’ll often add a combination of parmesan, cherry tomatoes, capsicum, I’ve even added spicy salami and chorizo before – whatever tickles your fancy.

(Best with vogels toast of course….. )

Brunch is one of the most fabulous things in the world….. enjoy!


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