Over the years in the corporate world, I’ve learned many things, had some unbelievably hilarious moments, and worked with some amazing, talented people..  but the one thing that stands out is that you have to take care of yourself first and foremost, in order to thrive.

Finding, exploring and nurturing your passions is vital. It’s not enough to simply exist. Especially in the midst of a cheeky global pandemic.

I first started writing on this self-titled site back in 2007. An incredible time of change and upheaval in my life (and a year with some fabulous house music)

I updated this version of the site in 2020, and it covers articles about change, courage, authenticity, a few tried and trusted recipes – and musings on all things rad and fabulous in the world.

As I transition into Fiction writing, I’ll likely share some of this journey. Whilst I still see myself in Recruitment Leadership for the foreseeable future, it’s life-affirming to get a head start on learning and embracing the process of writing – and finally bringing creativity back into my life in a meaningful way.

Ngā Mihi – Teressa.